interactive On Demand

Our pride and joy! The EOD system is made of blood, sweat, pixels and rainbows! Our programmers will claim there’s ‘code’ in there, but we know the truth!!!

The interactive on Demand system brings to PlayStation®Home a whole new social experience! Watch television, movies and live events with your friends inside the LOOT™ Space Station Public Space or EOD equipped LOOT™ Personal Spaces!

EOD Disclaimer

Due to movie and music distribution rights, all content may not be available in all countries.
Content availability is dependent on the geolocation of the device.
Crackle content is only available in US, CA, UK, and AU.
RadioIO is only available in US and CA.
Only one TV can be active at a time.
Will work in any private space, unless the space comes with a video screen you cannot turn off.

The EOD TV Active Item memory limitation

The Hollywood Hills House, LOOT Space Apartment and LOOT Sunset Yacht (Home Private Spaces) have enough memory to run RadioIO, podcasts (audio-only streams) and video streams. The Active EOD TVs will not be able to support audio and video streams at the same time due to memory constraints.
We are working on Active EOD Radios (will support audio-only streams). We hope to release the EOD Radio before the end of this calendar year.

The missing RadioIO icon in LOOT Private Spaces

Before August 2012, the EOD was only available in SCEA territories. Due to music rights issues in Europe, we are unable to offer RadioIO outside of the SCEA territories. This means only users located in the following countries will be able to enjoy RadioIO at this time:

We are working on bringing RadioIO to other regions, but we can’t promise anything at this time.

EOD Performance Notes

To improve video quality and avoid buffering issues it is advised to deactivate, disable or remove any Portable Items which may consume internet bandwidth. In addition, it is recommended to disable the [Media Server Connecetion], under Network Settings of your PlayStation(r)3 XMB.

When new guests enter your space OR you select a menu, you may see an animated loading icon in the upper right corner. This icon indicates that the EOD is attempting to sync operations with the other guests in your space.

When new guests enter your space, wait until the loading icon disappears before attempting to interact with the EOD.


Due to content distribution rights we are required to verify the geolocation of your device. If you have friends from overseas with you, only EOD titles allowed to all users in all countries will displayed.

When browsing through channels in the EOD menu, hold down “L1″ to scroll faster.

The EOD delivers many different kinds of content and ‘Media Controls’ may not be supported for all of them.

EOD Error Code Guide

100 – 129 : Content Retrieval: Please try again later.
130 – 139 : Content Playback: Please try again later.
131 : Content Timeout: Please try again later.
140 – 149 : Menu Retrieval: Please try again later. If there are multiple users in your space, please remove the TV, replace it and try again. If the issue persists please contact us on Twitter @LOOTent.
150 : Initialization Error: Please try again later.
-110 : Invalid Region: This content is not available in your region.
-120 : Invalid Request: Please try again later.
-130 : Under age: You are not old enough to view this content.
404: Content Not Found: The content request is not available or ready. We recommend you try again after one minute, if the issue persists please contact us on Twitter @LOOTent.



Watch free movies in PlayStation Home. Crackle™ delivers full-length, uncut Hollywood movies and TV series – all free and on demand. Watch hundresds of movies and thousands of TV episodes in genres including: Action, Comedy, Crime, Horror, thriller and sci-fi. Additional movies added frequently. Learn more at (North America Only)

Available In: LOOT™ Space Station

HINT: Random movies unlock sweet HOME rewards! Can you find them?

Crackle content is only available in US, CA, UK, and AU.



Welcome to radioio (“radio EYE-OH, to denote “internet-only”). As one of the Internet’s first music webscasters, we’re dedicated to superior, Internet-only and mobile music straming. We hope you’ll think of us as a good friend who knows what you like, and is always ready to introduce you to something else we know you’ll dig, too. Learn more at

Available In: LOOT™ Space Station

RadioIO is only available in US and CA.


The most LOOTerific channel you could ask for! Details on our latest items, promotions and more!

Available In: LOOT™ Space Station



Watch featured Ustream live events in PlayStation®Home! Millions of Ustream™ users view and broadcast a wide variety of content, from high school sporting events to red carpet movie premieres. Notable Ustream™ broadcasts include major political events, converts, conferences, talk shows, interactive games, and personal milestones! Visit for more!


Live coverage of space mission, on-orbit video of Earth captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station, and rocket launches of advanced scientific spacefract are among the programming offered on NASA TV channel. View the channel to unlock free HOME items!


Check out the latest trailers for future releases from!

Available In: LOOT™ Space Station

Movie trailers are only available in US and CA.

On Blu-ray / PSN

See the trailer then buy the Blu-ray of some of your favorite Sony Pictures titles, all from the EOD!

Blu-ray trailers are only available in US and CA.